A common problem, which anyone should be able to fix with some simple tools which can be picked up fairly cheap is how to repair a door with does not close due to expansion. This is common in winter and summer due to the heat changes or when there has been a leak in the house as doors absorb water.


What you will need

  • -Drill or electric screwdriver
  • -Work bench
  • -Electric or Manuel plainer
  • -Tape measure
  • -Pencil
  • -Ruler

Step 1.

Ensure the door has expanded naturally and has not shifted due to a broken hinge, if the hinge has broken simply replace the hinge.


Step 2.

Once confirmed the door has expanded due to heat changes the next step is to remove the door from the frame. To do this using an electric screwdriver or a manual screwdriver remove the screws that go into the frame on the top and bottom. This usually is 6 screws to free the door from the frame.


hinge.jpgStep 3.

Once you have the door detached from the frame, place the door on a work bench so you can work out where you need to cut.


Step 4.

Using a measuring tape and pencil mark a rough guide to how much you want to take off, in most cases 2 -4mm is more than enough. Then using a ruler draw a straight line as a guide to where to cut to.


Step 5.

Using the electric or manual plainer gently feed it across your flat surface letting the machine do the work using the line for guidance to keep your cut straight and level.

Step 6.

Once complete, re-attach hinges and test the door, if needed repeat the process.

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