Are you looking for plumbers in Doncaster, Rotherham, Sheffield or South Yorkshire? How do you choose the right plumber for you? Do you know what to look for when searching to find a good plumber? Read below article to find out 5 elements when looking for a good plumber.


At all times the media is filled with reports about horror stories about plumbers charging their customers over the odds for the simplest jobs. How can you make sure that you will not be the next victim of rogue and cowboy plumbers?

It’s not only the bill you should be worried about when you select a plumber. One of the main concern you have when looking for a plumber is…

- How do I know the plumber is going to show up?
- How do I know the plumber is going to find the problem?
- How do I know the plumber is going to fix the problem?

In short, how can I find a reliable plumber?

There are many ways of doing your search for a plumber in Doncaster, Rotherham, Sheffield or anywhere else in South Yorkshire. The internet is one of the main sources now to find a good plumber, however it is not the only one. Truth being said, there are good plumbers out there who know their job very well however they do not know how to show it or to make it easy for people to find them.

One you find a good plumber, the best is to never let it go – make sure you keep your plumber’s telephone number close for any emergency and let your plumber know that you will call if there will be any issues.


Plumbers in Doncaster: advice and expertise

For a plumber to identify the issues and to get it resolved it is very important to have experience. Ask the plumber how long has been in business to identify the depth of knowledge and experience this plumber have.

Experienced plumbers can find issues quickly and resolve them in no time, therefore saving you money.

References are also a good starting point. A good plumber would always be able to provide references to prove his work.

The advice of an experienced plumber is invaluable. A good plumber walks in, identifies the issue and gives recommendation to save money and hassle in the long run. A plumber who explains what the find and provides advice is always preferable to the ones who don’t.


Emergency support for plumbing works

A good plumber is like your own doctor. You want to be able to see your own plumber at all times in need. That is because good plumbers will always know the issues of the heating system or of the plumbing issues of the property without even attending. Many plumbers can sometimes resolve things over the phone, with no charge at all. It’s like a piece of advice.

They are also the ones to reply when an emergency occurs. When a plumbing emergency occurs you do not want to start looking in Yellow Pages or on the internet. You want to know that you can call your plumber who can provide immediate advice over the phone and then attend within a few hours.

247 good plumbers are rare – so be careful with the rogue ones who want to take advantage of your emergency.


Identifying potential problems

Nowadays there is no property without having plumbing issues at one point or another. Therefore you need to rely on a plumber who can also foresee potential problems without the fear that one is taking advantage of you.

A good plumber is always going to bear your interest at heart and therefore is going to identify the issues and explain them to you so you plan in advance. There would be no sales push, just an awareness talk.

Whether you are a property owner, a landlord or a tenant, look out for the signs of a good plumber, because good plumbers are hard to find. 


Plumbers’ work guarantee

A serious plumber will always be insured against bad workmanship and will always provide work guarantee. Is your plumber providing you with work guarantee? What happens if your plumber goes out of business? What happens if the work does not do the job and you have to start over?

Ask your plumber whether he or she is a member of a professional body and which one is it? If your plumber is also a heating engineer, make sure he or she is registered with Gas Safe.

It is important to make sure your plumber is properly qualified. A properly qualified plumber is one who knows how things work and is going to want to build a relationship with you.

A good plumber is one who will care about you and your property, therefore providing you with the guarantee for the works.


Find solutions: helping achieve dream transformations and conversions

The best plumbers are the ones with enough experience to be able to help you not just resolve your plumbing works and issues but also to help you realise your dreams.

Having your dream bathroom may mean some conversion wok required, but the best plumbers will always be at your side to help you with best ideas.

Who will know best on what works and what does not?

Experienced plumbers will also find solutions for your problems. Speak to your plumber about your ideas and he or she is going to help you getting them done.


One final thought: if in doubt, use established firms, who can provide you better peace of mind should something bad happen. Once you get a good plumber, make sure you keep him or her into your books!


About plumbers in Doncaster, Rotherham and South Yorkshire: Force 10 Building Solutions

Force 10 Building Solutions is a company with tens of years of experience under its roof. Starting as a letting agent and property management company, we have come across many property issues where we used to outsource the works.

In 2014 Force 10 Property Management and Plumbing Resolutions have joined forces to create a strong team to deliver all property works including:

- All building works – incl. conversions/ extensions
- Gas, plumbing, electrical and joinery
- Plastering, decorating and roofing
- Kitchens and bathrooms uPVC Windows and doors.


Our team of plumbers in Doncaster, Rotherham, Sheffield, across the South Yorkshire and the whole Yorkshire itself delivers an outstanding quality for money.

We’re fully insured and certified with numerous bodies which is a testimony of our qualifications.

We have worked numerous plumbing works and bathroom conversions and we can provide references for our work.

If you are looking for plumbers in Doncaster why don’t you give us a call on 01302 822 847 or email us at


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